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1975 EPOLAB CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES INC. was established in Taipei City, and set up plants in Hsin Chuang District, New Taipei City in Taiwan.
1977 Success of development in reflective signal button specified for highway marks and aluminum-base plywood adhesives
1981 Success of development in molding materials, procurement of molding machinery, and engaged in coatings of electrical parts
1983 Completion of Chungli Plant, and Hsin Chuang Plant was immigrated to Chungli Plant.
1984 Success of development in one component adhesives. Introduction of Swiss single-screw extruder, molding material trails and powder coatings.
1985 Success in development of gel sealant and reinforced plastic paints.
1986 Success of development in injection molding material specified for LED
1987 Success of development in thermo cure solder mask specified for Printed circuit board
1988 Success of development in one component impregnating material specified for high voltage coil.
1991 Success of development in flame-resistant capacitor coating materials and approved by USA UL.
1992 Success of development in hot melt adhesive epoxy prepreg materials.
1993 Success of development in solvent and none-solvent base of epoxy prepreg material.
1994 Success of development of composite materials and electronic-grade powder coating materials.
1995 Success of development in epoxy specified for casting power transformers.
1996 Set up large reactor to synthesize hardener with its own technology. Success of development in coating materials specified for magnetic powder iron core.
1999 Establish Department of Project for Mainland China to approach its market.
2002 Establish plant in Dongguan City, China.
2003 Taiwan and China plants pass ISO 9001.
2004 High Tg composite products are widely used in bicycle wheels.
2005 Fully introduced environmental- friendly products.
2006 Completion of development in Putty and pilot production.
2007 Research & Development of high- value products such as epoxy adhesive for special usage. Establish thermal interface material development team.
2008 Establish Silicone, UV Glue Development Group.
2011 Thermal grease are widely used in LED bulbs. Build up technology database for integration of product information.
2012 Update website and expand market for export proactively. Success of development in flame-resistant composite materials. Cooperation with NTUT to attend the "Supermiles", and won the first prize of car produced, the fourth prize of electric car.