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Application Type One/ two components Curing condition Product name Features TDS Download
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Epoxy compounds for civil engineering application Sealant Two  RT curing AD series Superior adhesion to woods concrete.    
Damp-proof Two  RT curing PR series Recommended for floorcoating.    
Adhesive Two  RT curing 2102A/B Fast curing at room temperature, recommended for adhesion to road light reflection mark.  2102A/B 2102A/B
Epoxy compounds for  adhesives & sealants application One component adhesive One  Heat curing 2062 Superior adhesion to inorganic surface (ex: metals, ceramic……) 2062 2062
Two component adhesive Two  RT curing 2500A/B Superior adhesion to metals, ceramics, plastics…… 2500A/B 2500A/B
Forming materials One  Heat curing 2450 Recommended for grindstone forming. 2450 2450
Silicone Epoxy Adhesives/ sealants One Moistures curing AD-S100 Series High viscosity and superior adhesion to glass and plastics. AD-S100 AD-S100