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Epoxy Composite Product Sheet

Application One/two components Curing condition Product name Features TDS Download
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(Hot melt)
One Heat curing EHM-32, EHM-83 Hot melt, general die-casting, high impact resistance,recommended for carbon fiber frame, fork, handle bar and cell phone shell. EHM-32, EHM-83 EHM-32, EHM-83
One Heat curing EHM-236,
Hot melt high Tg die-casting, recommended for carbon fiber wheels. EHM-236, EHM-241 EHM-236, EHM-241
One Heat curing EHM-FR series Flame-resistant.    
Two Heat curing ESP-135 A/B Solvent-base system, low viscosity, recommended for sporting goods (ex: tennis racquets, badminton racquets, skates…...)   ESP-135 A/B ESP-135 A/B
Filament winding One Heat curing ESFP-20 Solvent-free liquid epoxy system, recommended for filament winding pipes(FRP),  fishing rods and golf shafts. ESFP-20 ESFP-20
Panel Two RT curing 5419A/B Low viscosity, high clarity, recommended for carbon fiber panel, fiberglass panel and decoration coating. 5419A/B 5419A/B