Epoxy compounds for electric application
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Application One/ two components Curing condition Product name Features TDS Download
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Potting/ Casting Two RT curing 5151A/B Fast curing. 5151A/B 5151A/B
Two RT curing 5957A/B Recommended for PT/ CT, insulating pipe. 5957A/B 5957A/B
Two RT curing 5502A/B Good thermal shock resistant(-40 ~ 130℃). Recommended for ignition coil.  5502A/B 5502A/B
Two Heat curing 5207A/B Low viscosity, recommended for the transformer. 5207A/B 5207A/B
Adhesive One Heat curing 2272, 2275 Recommended for the motor rotors. 2272, 2275 2272, 2275
Two RT curing 2500A/B Fast curing. 2500A/B 2500A/B
Impregnation One Heat curing 5100 Non-solvent high voltage varnish. 5100 5100